Culinary Creations





3#       Lbs.     Ricotta Cheese, Part Skim

8          Whole Eggs

4          Cups    All Purpose Flour

3 �      Cups    Cake Flour

�         Cup      Parsley, Chopped

2          Tbs.      Salt, Kosher

2          Cups    Pecorino Romano





Mix All wet ingredients in Stainless Steel Bowl. Mix in Dry Ingredients, Knead until incorporated.

Roll into � Inch Long Logs, Cut into 1 inch Lengths.

Place on Parchment paper dusted with extra Flour.

Freeze Immediately or Blanch in Boiling water Immediately (only cook little at a time)




Culinary Creations                            Recipe by: Chef Andrew Pantano





Sun Dried Tomato cream sauce

(Gnocchi Sauce)


 2            Tbs.        Olive Oil

2             Tbs.        Shallots

 1/3        Cup        Sun dried Tomatoes

2          Tbs.      Garlic, minced in oil or fresh minced

 3         Oz.      Brandy

 1/2      Cup      Heavy Cream

�         Cup      Stock, vegetable or chicken flavored

 1         Tsp.     Oregano

 1         Tsp.     Basil

 to taste           Kosher Salt

 to taste           Black Pepper, Fresh Ground

 1/2      cup       Regianno Parmigiana Cheese





Heat Oil in a saucepan on medium high heat add shallots and sun dried tomatoes, saut� for I minutes. Add garlic and cook until tans. OFF Flame, deglaze with Brandy, return to heat, be careful it will flame up. After flame is extinguished, Add heavy cream, Stock & spices, reduce by 1/3. Place ingredients in a Food Processor or use a hand blender and puree by pulsing, until half the sun dried tomatoes  are pureed, leaving some whole pieces. Return to heat, add gnocchi and cheese, toss and serve


Sauce can be prepared up to adding Gnocchi, reserve and reheat when ready to finish. Hold only for up to 12 hours in refrigerator.




Recipe: Culinary Creations                             Chef: Andrew Pantano



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