Olympic Tents & Baytex Tent Liners

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Pole Tent with Liner & Pole Sleeves (Draping not shown)

String Lighting under Liner



The Olympic Tent System combines
superior tent top material
with the strongest fastest
assembling frame system
available today.
Color choices are varied and assorted
with contemporary colors and shades.

Tent Parties don't look the same
without a beautiful liner from Baytex,
our liner create that
special mood very quickly,
Romantic Weddings
Elegant Dinners
Festive Parties

Tents are wonderful for all outdoor events, offering protection from the rain, sun, and heat. Tents may be festive as well as elegant. We will be happy to measure your yard or any other location, and discuss your plans to make your celebration an enjoyable one.
Tent Extras can include: Sidewalls, Rain Gutters, Heaters, Fans, Flooring, and Decorating items such as Liners and Pole sleeve covers.


**Use the chart below to determine the size tent you need or call and we'll help you.

Location measuring for tent placement are at no charge to you. Call today and set up an appointment.


Tent Sizing: Width x Length = Square Footage of Tent. Use seating information listed to the right to calculate total square footage required for people.

Additional square footage to consider
Dance Area 4 Sq. Ft. per person
Buffet Area 300 Sq. Ft. (based on menu)
Bar Area  200 Sq. Ft.

Band (size varies)
200 Sq. Ft.-250 Sq. Ft.

Seating Capacities
Cocktail Parties (stand up)

 6 Sq. Ft. per person


Dinner (using Banquet Tables)

90 Sq. Ft. per table

Dinner (using Round Tables)

100 Sq. Ft. per table

Frame Tent (INSIDE) without Liner/Draping

Pole Tent (INSIDE) without Liner/Draping

Frame Tent (INSIDE) with Liner & Sides

Pole Tent (INSIDE) with Liner/Draping