Dance Floors 

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Wood Grain Vinyl Parquet
Portable Dance Floor for all outside events
can even be put on sand!

The Very Best Outside Dance Floor Available
This floor is made with 7 ply, 3/4" exterior plywood base. The surface is 12" square blocks of wood grain vinyl parquet with the appearance of real wood parquet. Our wood-grain vinyl floor has been particularly made for outside use without the moisture problems

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We have all black or all white dance floors.
Each section is mounted on 7 ply, 3/4" exterior plywood, providing more flexibility for dancing.

The California Portable Dance Floor Company has created the perfect dance floor for the look contemporary look of today. The 12" square black and with pure vinyl blocks are available in our popular checkerboard pattern.

California's black and white portable dance floor can be used inside or outside. It can be placed over carpeting or flooring without any removal of carpeting, or outside on grass or concrete. It can be as large or small as you wish. It is just as smooth and danceable as a permanent ballroom floor with more versatility.

California Portable Dance Floors are the most durable and practical portable dance floors on the market. The last for years. All our floors lock together snugly with slotted screws and metal tongue and groove.

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