Cover Story: Strictly the Best Thursday, November 20, 1997


Winner: Culinary Creations �, Hillsborough

    In business for less than three years, Owner Andrew Pantano's Culinary Creations � takes the catering lead for the second year in a row.

    With a full line of prepared specialties, his customized menu guarantees clients only pay for what they order.

    Once the executive chef at Bridgewater Manor's Hemingways, and the Red Door in Manville, Pantano had the distinct honor of serving as sous chef at the Benards Inn in Bernardsville.

    With seating for about 36, the in-store cafe serves breakfast and lunch. Not only does the menu feature a full line of pasta and vegetable dishes, the shop offers house-made soups, sandwiches and entrees to take out.

    Culinary Creations � also has a full service bakery.

    From hors d'oeuvres to the roasting of a turkey or beef, harried hosts and hostesses should consider telephoning and ordering their holiday meals or special dishes.

    Pantano also offers cooking demonstrations. Perhaps a friend or family member would appreciate the thoughtful gift of creative cooking lessons?

    Telephone Andrew for details.